Shaping the future talent: A VISIT TO FOUNDERS HIGH SCHOOL

Bruce Ngwenya : Bulawayo Chiefs Media

7 months ago

Bulawayo Chiefs football club visited Founders High School for a Career Guidance workshop on Friday the 17th of June.
The major theme of the four hour session was to educate the youngsters about the opportunities that sports can present, social responsibility and the importance of their academics.

Spearheaded by Bulawayo Chiefs assistant coach Thulani Sibanda, present were players who have played at the  highest level of African football such as Perfect Chikwende, Kelvin Madzongwe, Kevin Moyo and Wilson Mensah. 
To add on to the guest list was Bulawayo Chiefs captain and vice captain Malvin Mkolo and Lucky Ndlela.  The team was also accompanied by the Chiefs Media and Marketing department. 

The event got underway in hey hours of the morning and Madzongwe gave the students words of wisdom on how to balance both school work and sports. He added that it is a grave mistake to choose one over the other as both are equally important in bringing up a well mannered individual. 
" Sports and education work hand in glove and it will be very problematic if one chooses one over the other" said Madzongwe. 
One of the major highlights of the workshop was Ndlela's words of encouragement. He motivated the students when he told them that they should not allow their backgrounds to determine their future. 

A typical example of himself as he put forward the view that he grew in a difficult environment and circumstances but he never allowed that to put his future plans at odds.
Assistant coach Sibanda also enlightened the students on the opportunities that sports can bring. He also touched on the diversity of work and gender in the sporting field and gave first hand example. 

"I am a police officer by profession but that did not stop me from being a sporting personnel, sporting does not limit you to pursue your desired career" said Sibanda. 
Important to note was the interaction of the students who were present because they were eager to get more knowledge from the expects who had visited them. 
This gave the Ghanaian international a chance to put icing on top of the cake.

"As you can see I am from Ghana, I am now flying from country to country because of football and education.  If you marry these two you won't go wrong in life" said Mensah. 
The event was closed by Sibanda who invited all those who were interested in joining the Zifa level 1 referring course that is lined up by Zifa.

Such outings sit well with the policy of the team towards a commitment to playing a part in the development of the communities we live.

If you feel our influence can change someones live, our doors are open.

Together we can make a difference.